Our Tracking Packages


A simple and affordable vehicle tracking service to monitor your fleet effectively and efficiently



State-of-the-art technology in managing fleets that maximizes ROI with a host of tools and reports


Asset Tracking

Cost-effective solution to monitor and protect your assets along with the turn-key fleet management solution



Value – addition that takes your fleet to the next level to ensure protection and security to your assets.


Get Real-Time Updates On Your Assets On The Go!

Awzar Track, The most sought-after Fleet Management System Provider in Iraq is a TRA approved mobility solutions Provider with more than 17 years’ experience. With our Live tracking services, you can get a real-time view of the status and location of your assets including vehicle tracking and driver behavior. The updates on the speed and direction of the vehicle, it’s ignition status, the possible driving violations etc. also can be tracked through our solutions. We offer User friendly, reliable and Secure tracking management with 24×7 hotline assistance.


Saving 50% operational time
30% operational cost
20% fuel
Increase fleet lifetime by 20%

The advantages of Tracking Solution

Interactive Dashboard

  • View all of your assets on a single dashboard
  • View on the performance of your drivers and assets allowing you to streamline onyour operations

Asset Monitoring

  • Get real time view of your assets positions – and find out which driver behind the wheel
  • View information related to speed, driving direction, ignition status, driving violation past trip and more

Vehicle Management

  • Define your vehicle maintenance schedules and get notifications on when to serve your assets
  • Maintain your driving certifications and records to ensure complaines and safety

Robust Reporting

  • Review and analyze data indetail
  • Over report available such as movement, location, trip and utilization, as well as driver fuel and event violation just to name a few

Live Notifications

  • Recieve instant notification on pre-defined set of violation to ensure your operations are safe and efficient
  • View information related to speed, driving direction, ignition status, driving violation past trip and more

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